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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Smoking HOT

Smoking - NOT
Smoking HOT

Eugenia can have a cold look but she can be very sexy too. And the above pictures prove it. And these are pics from 2002 when she was only 18! As time went by Eugenia was becoming more matured, more faminine and more sexy. That's why photographers and fashion houses like to make pics of her in lingerie or even naked and use them for editorials and campaigns. Eres is not an exception, they use Eugeia's face and body for its campaign for several seasons already. Enjoy the latest pics from Christmas campaign!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Eugenia in love

We don't know much about Eugenia's private life but there are some facts that we could get from interviews that she gave to fashion magazines. Here is even a pic of her and her boyfriend. It's from old Paris Vogue, so I am not 100% she is still with this guy, I can only guess. Here are some details that I found out about him, it was written in Kazan magazine called Linea.
- I heard you bf lives in Kazan?
- Yes, we are dating for 2 years and a half already. Some time he worked in the city's popular mens strip-tease show "Bionix". And later on he practised with the performance of dance in clubs. We met before New Year, on December 30 when I was invited to the corporative party where he performed. Our looks met and then we made an appointment in Moscow.
- Weren't you jealous? You spend much time abroad and he has such a specific profession...
- Here as in any other affair everything depends on a person. If he had some relationships believe me I'd know it. We are connected by love and mutual understanding. He works in show business as me and we both have not a long period...5 years more and I'll leave modelling. We look alike.
...There are also some speculations about if she is engaged but I guess she is not. That ring that others think of as a pre-wedding present is a simple ring that doesn't mean anything, maybe it's some kind of talisman for Zhenya and what's more, if she was engaged she would wear the ring on the right hand not on the left.

Eugenia vs Daria

pix made by 1234
Eugenia or Daria? Both girls are fantastic models and unique beauties but personally I'd choose Eugenia you know why. I was thinking about why Eugenia hadn't become as big and famous as Daria nowadays or even bigger. And the first thought that came to my mind is that maybe because she is Russian, I don't mean that your nationality prevents you from becoming a big star but it certainly makes it more difficult. And time shows there are more English speaking girls among big top-models: Linda, Cindy, Shalome and nowadays Gemma and Daria just to name a few. The second reason may be personality. I know Eugenia is a smart girl but she seems to be kind of an introvert, she keeps her private life closed to other people, she doesn't have many interviews and she almost doesn't attend all these glamorous fashion parties, modelling is just a job that she tries to do her best and that she enjoys of course but it seems to be not the most important thing in her life. On the contrary, Daria has a shiny personality as I'd call it. She likes to talk and she is interested in so many different things and she likes to discuss them and it won't be hard to find numerous of her interviews. But she is also not a "super" kind of model, still more opened to people than Eugenia in my opinion. And what also adds 'for' Daria is that she has a more usual beauty (not in a bad way), I won't call her classic but she may be appealing to more people while Eugenia has a more exotic face with this prominent and quite big nose that some people dislike but which I personally adore.
However this situation may satisfy both girls. Daria gets more attention and much money while Eugenia is big too but may stay unrecognized and have more freedom in this sense.

Captivating beauty

Eugenia never stops to amaze me. Her beauty is so mesmerizing and unforgetable, her eyes are so captivating and fierce. And the most important thing about her that I love is that she has this expensive appearance, this elegance and class that not so many models posess. Just look at these 2 pix, you'll see so much confidence and serenity and grace in her poses and looks. I adore her prominent beautiful nose which certainly adds elegance to her face.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Now it's official Eugenia didn't take part in Victoria's secret show this year. We were all very disappointed with it and I may say I had a feeling tears were welling up but I could cheer up and today I don't feel sad about Eugenia's absence. Now I have very optimistic hopes we will definitely see her more in the future and maybe even she won't skip VS 2007 show.
And here is a pic that I really like. You may see Liya, Daria, Eugenia, Angela and Elise. They look like they are having fan, so smiling and happy. let's join them!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Angel without wings

Bad and very dissapointing news...most likely Eugenia won't do Victoria's Secret show this year. At least we haven't seen her in any pix that are out yet. New girls like Hana, Stammy and Katja S are VS angels now but Eugenia seems to disappear tho I still have a hope she will be there, I just cross my fingers and hope and hope, that's all I can do. I have no idea why she is out...I really doubt it was her choice as we all know how much Eugenia loves doing Victoria's shows. But it'd better be her choice because if it's not I have no words to explain how mad I am about VS, I just can't understand what they want, she has everything to be a VS angel!!! They picked Hana, why oh why? I love her very much but she is definitely not a Victoria's Secret material while Eugenia has a whole pocket of necessary qualities for VS woman.
Hope dies the last, so let's not lose it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Eugenia talks again

To find a video of Eugenia talking is a big rarity. But when you do it, it's like a gift if you are a fan of cuz. And here is the newest present for all Volodinians (as we call ourselve). This is a video of Eugenia at the backstage for the last Houte Couture collectin of Elie Saab (fw06/07). I uploaded this video here, so that you all may watch it. I couldn't resist and also made some screen caps. As you may see Eugenia is a down-to-earth smiley girl and she also looks very young without this heavy make-up and glamorous entourage. How not to love her?

Haven't posted here for a while. But now I think it's time to continue updating my blog.
I'll start with beautiful old backstage pix of my beloved Zhenya.