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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Eugenia in love

We don't know much about Eugenia's private life but there are some facts that we could get from interviews that she gave to fashion magazines. Here is even a pic of her and her boyfriend. It's from old Paris Vogue, so I am not 100% she is still with this guy, I can only guess. Here are some details that I found out about him, it was written in Kazan magazine called Linea.
- I heard you bf lives in Kazan?
- Yes, we are dating for 2 years and a half already. Some time he worked in the city's popular mens strip-tease show "Bionix". And later on he practised with the performance of dance in clubs. We met before New Year, on December 30 when I was invited to the corporative party where he performed. Our looks met and then we made an appointment in Moscow.
- Weren't you jealous? You spend much time abroad and he has such a specific profession...
- Here as in any other affair everything depends on a person. If he had some relationships believe me I'd know it. We are connected by love and mutual understanding. He works in show business as me and we both have not a long period...5 years more and I'll leave modelling. We look alike.
...There are also some speculations about if she is engaged but I guess she is not. That ring that others think of as a pre-wedding present is a simple ring that doesn't mean anything, maybe it's some kind of talisman for Zhenya and what's more, if she was engaged she would wear the ring on the right hand not on the left.


Blogger Daria said...

Exactly! (about the ring) I guess that's something that has a importance for them, just that.
Actually i don't like him for Eugenia. But maybe he's a good man.....
I think she needs someone with a more ''specific'' job, because they'll become old and Eugenia will have to feed him! I don't know if you understand me?
Anyways, Eugenia looks amazing! You post the best pictures :-) She's always stunning!!!!!!!!! (i guess you know that :-P)
Thank you for your sweet comments and continue with this amazing Blog!
Have a great day

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Carrinka said...

Awww... nicely written, Tanya!

I'm glad t oknow more about Zhenya. :)

4:59 AM  
Blogger boisdejasmin said...

There is an hour long program on Russian TV about Zhenja, her family and her boyfriend. She said that while her boyfriend wants to get married, she wants to wait till she is 31.

7:28 AM  

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