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Monday, October 08, 2007

The blog is back!

After a few months of silence, I am glad to announce that I want to write in my blog again. There are so many new things regarding Eugenia! But the most noticable change is her new hair-style! Unfortunately, Eugenia hasn't done any shows during SS08 fashion weeks but we have a lot of new eds instead! Here is the latest one plus a very nice interview (El Pais Semanal Moda magazine). Big thanx to stersita (TFS) for the scans and translation!

-What expectations did you have when you first started modelling?
-Being a model has always been my dream, so I was very happy to have this opportunity. When I went to Paris for the first time, I would have never thought I would end up working with such important designers and photographers. That made it even better...

-What has been the highest point in your career?
-When I did my first cover for Vogue Italia with Steven Meisel. And also my first Gucci campaign, also shot by him.

-What has been your best fashion moment?
-There hasn’t been a specific one. I have liked being the face of many different labels.What trend of this fall do you keep?I’m dying to wear a dress over some leggings.

-What piece of clothing can’t you wait to own?
-Anything by Marni. I can’t wait for the collection to get to the stores.

-Is there something you would never wear?
-No, I’m very versatile when it comes to clothing.

-People should be careful when wearing…
-Jewellery. Too many accessories or some inadequate ones can make you look untidy.

-What’s your favourite shop?
-Bonne Marche (38, Rue de Sèvres), In Paris.

-Who do you admire in this business?
-Models who have been successful during a long period of time, like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford.

-What designer should everybody know?
-No one should miss what Jean Paul Gaultier does. He’s my favourite creator.

-What’s on your iPod right now?
-At the moment, Rihanna and Amy Winehouse, but I have a very eclectic taste and listen to all kinds of music.

-A beauty tip?
-It’s typical, but it doesn’t stop from being true. Drink litres and litres of water.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New site!

Yeah we did it! We opened the new fan-site for Eugenia Volodina on 10.03.07, all Volodinians should mark this event in their calendars! After 2 months of work we decided we are ready to show what we've been doing for all that time! And it seems our project can be called successful, we got quite many very nice thankful comments from Zhenya's fans and not only from them and we are very happy about that fact, we thank everyone who visits pur site /and add comments. So here is the link! Visit it and let us know about your impression.
thank you

Saturday, March 10, 2007

News on site

My last entry was more than 2 months ago. Many things has happened since then. We got much more stuff with Eugenia but the most exciting thing for me is that we finally finished with the site which we are going to open tommorow, on March, 11, 2007. It's not fully complete but we are going to add many new things and improve the site as often as we can. I want to thank Nastya (lakomka) who did a huge job, I woudn't be able to do anything without her, and big thanx to Perfect_Tonight who made some very nice avis and to everyone else for providing all the pictures, info, videos, etc and I hope you will enjoy what we tried to make based on our skills as well as we could.
The forum for Eugenia is opened for about a month and I hope it will keep growing. Visit it.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Strike a pose

Eres site was updated with new pix for ss07 season. Eugenia looks super hot, super gorgeous! But at the same time these ads are so stylish and tasteful. Eres definitely does a great job thess seasons. Look, VS, that's the way lingerie ads should look like!

thanx Taben for the pix

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, Volodinians! I want to wish you all the best for the 2007th, the year of a fiery red pig (according to Chinese calendar)! May all your wishes come true and happiness never leaves you!
Concerning Eugenia, I hope we will have much more pictures this year, more campaigns, covers and e(a)ds! The job on making a site is slowly but surely continueing. I won't have much time in January as I have exams at uni but I'll try to find some time to devote it to this blog and site.
Once again, Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New project

Hello everyone! I have some ideas concerning Eugenia. As we all know, Eugenia has a site but the gallery doesn't work for some months already and now I am not sure it will ever be back, but Eugenia needs her site at least because it's not fair that almost all top-models have some sites and she doesn't. So I thought it's an idea to make a new site for her. But I need your help, guys, I can't do everything myself and I would like you, Volodinians, to join and make it together for our favourite model. I would like to know what you think about it. Please, let me know.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New stuff

Ok. Here is the newest pic with Eugenia from some unknown editorial. It was found by via_gra quite a long time ago and only yesterday it was posted on BZ. Personally I think it's a bit weird pic because Eugenia doesn't look like herself but it's beautiful of course. I love her eyes in it, they are so mesmeriaing, and stand out more than usual because if these very dark eyebrows and smoky make-up, and I also like the look of them, it's not an empty look of just a very beautiful girl, it's very thoughtful look and you can feel emotions that she shows in this shot. And what is interesting is that this pic really hypnotizes you, you want to look and look at her face and eyes and can't take your eyes off her. It even scares a bit.