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Monday, December 11, 2006

Fantastic news

It's been a long time since we have seen Eugenia as a covergirl. But it finally happened! She is on the cover of January issue of German Vogue and what's more, it's the 25th anniversary issue!!! I think it's really a special honour to be on the cover of anniversary issue of a magazine. So what do we see? The first thing that catch your eyes is the legs, her long lean legs and her fabulous body in Balmain dress, this time the focus is not on the head, it's on the pose, on the motion, on the feeling of movement.
And of course Eugenia has an editorial inside. Somebody said Eugenia doesn't look as beautiful as she usually does. I dare to disprove that. Yes, it's not a classic look on Eugenia, such an elegant and refined creature. Here you can see how versatile she is. Her face is not a stark face of a Greek goddess anymore, it's full of emotions and energy. Every single shot shows Eugenia from her artistic side. Yeah, she is wearing glamourous chick clothes but she is not afraid to smile and make faces, she puts a part of her soul in every picture. Her poses, her look and her whole face bring you range of emotions and feelings. It's definitely the step up for Eugenia.
I won't upload all the pix from editorial (there are 16 of them), just some of the best ones. Big thanx to helligirl for scanning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was jumping when i saw this editorial at TFS. Did you read what i said on my blog?
''Of course that inmediately when i say okay i'm going to take a time for uploading, new pictures will come.'' And there you have!
She's so versatile, everyone is so used to see Eugenia posing as (you said) greek goddes being elegant, but i think that it's fantastic for everyone to know that she never has the same face expression as someone said. COngratulations for my sweet Eugenia.

5:34 AM  

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