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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Eugenia vs Daria

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Eugenia or Daria? Both girls are fantastic models and unique beauties but personally I'd choose Eugenia you know why. I was thinking about why Eugenia hadn't become as big and famous as Daria nowadays or even bigger. And the first thought that came to my mind is that maybe because she is Russian, I don't mean that your nationality prevents you from becoming a big star but it certainly makes it more difficult. And time shows there are more English speaking girls among big top-models: Linda, Cindy, Shalome and nowadays Gemma and Daria just to name a few. The second reason may be personality. I know Eugenia is a smart girl but she seems to be kind of an introvert, she keeps her private life closed to other people, she doesn't have many interviews and she almost doesn't attend all these glamorous fashion parties, modelling is just a job that she tries to do her best and that she enjoys of course but it seems to be not the most important thing in her life. On the contrary, Daria has a shiny personality as I'd call it. She likes to talk and she is interested in so many different things and she likes to discuss them and it won't be hard to find numerous of her interviews. But she is also not a "super" kind of model, still more opened to people than Eugenia in my opinion. And what also adds 'for' Daria is that she has a more usual beauty (not in a bad way), I won't call her classic but she may be appealing to more people while Eugenia has a more exotic face with this prominent and quite big nose that some people dislike but which I personally adore.
However this situation may satisfy both girls. Daria gets more attention and much money while Eugenia is big too but may stay unrecognized and have more freedom in this sense.


Blogger Daria said...

Well, of course that i like Eugenia more than Daria. I agree with all you said! It's true, Daria has the common beauty, Eugenia doesn't. But Daria isn't a big model yet. And i think she won't become, because she's getting away from runways and everything. Even Gisele is getting more work right now. Eugenia is more quiet, she's more foccused on her work than in attending fashion parties or giving interviews. The two interviews i have seen of her (thanks to you) i can say that Eugenia is a shy and down feet earth girl. If she makes a new, she's going to make it because of her work, for nothing more.
P.S: Great entries!

9:17 AM  
Blogger sweet_rus said...

thank you Daria for your comments, I am always interested in what people think about this or that entry, I appreciate it! Tho I have to disagree, Daria skipped almost all the shows this season but I won't be surprised if is everywhere next season. Of cos she is not as big as Gisele, Gisele is the biggest model of the 21t century and nobody can compare their popularity with hers but still Daria is very big but in the boarders of high fashion. The reason she is not bigger I think is that she doesn't really need and want it, she seems to be happy with what she has now and her other interests go far from fashion which I think is not a bad thing.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello sweet rus,
Your blog is so nicely

You know, I really appreciate Eug,
and maybe it will exhausted you but
for me Eug and Daria have the same things which differenciate them from others models, Daria had got like a "sauvage" style than Eug is more classical and have a stunning beauty.
Uhm, sorry if it's not very clear..
In fact, I just want to say that they're gorgeous beauty.

Have a great day,

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daria is better , eugenia looks like a MAN!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eugenia said bad things about the brazilian models, Toooooooo bad!!! should be quiet!!

9:23 AM  

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