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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New campaigns

Haven't posted here for a while. I didn't have time and anything really interesting as well. Now I came with a bunch of new pics because Eugenia got another 2 campaigns. First of all it's Elie Tahari. Not a big name but ads look very nice and another top-model Missy Rayder did spring/summer campaign before Eugenia, so I think it's a worthy thing for her.I remember smb told it's Eugenia's last season. Common, she is doing at least 3 campaigns this season, including a valuable cosmetic contract with Biotherm for at least 2 seasons. Not a bad thing for a model thinking of retirement, don't ya think? I remember there was an interview with Zhenya and she said she wants to have a family, children, etc, but is planning to finish her modelling career in some years, in around 27 y.o. So we have enough time to enjoy Eugenia's jobs! Though it's never enough of Eugenia, I can't imagine fashion world without her, I'll miss her terribly! Don't go away, Zhenya!


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