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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Angel without wings

Bad and very dissapointing news...most likely Eugenia won't do Victoria's Secret show this year. At least we haven't seen her in any pix that are out yet. New girls like Hana, Stammy and Katja S are VS angels now but Eugenia seems to disappear tho I still have a hope she will be there, I just cross my fingers and hope and hope, that's all I can do. I have no idea why she is out...I really doubt it was her choice as we all know how much Eugenia loves doing Victoria's shows. But it'd better be her choice because if it's not I have no words to explain how mad I am about VS, I just can't understand what they want, she has everything to be a VS angel!!! They picked Hana, why oh why? I love her very much but she is definitely not a Victoria's Secret material while Eugenia has a whole pocket of necessary qualities for VS woman.
Hope dies the last, so let's not lose it!


Blogger Daria said...

The picture is beautiful.
I can't understand why Eugenia is not doing the Victoria's Secret fashion show. I'm so pissed off!
As i just wrote on my Blog, i will make a revolution!!!!!!! And i'm sure that you will join!!!

2:18 PM  

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