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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sexy's back

We, Volodinians, were discussing the fact Eugenia is not active these days, we were coplaining and were really disappoted with it. But Daria and some other guys from TFS said that Eugenia would definitely surprise us in the future and I should say they were right. Jey47key proved it by posting new pix from Eres web-site. That means Eugenia got another season for this brand which is great for us as we get more pix of beautiful Eugenia in swimsuits and for Eres as they will never find a better choice for the campaign! And what is more interesting and exciting is that Eres changed its style and Eugenia appears in ads with bangs that definitely suit and refresh her look


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sexy's definetly back with Eugenia! And god she's not dead. I can't wait to see more Eres pictures, those are gorgeous and so sexy! I love your Blog, my dear Volodinian.
Have a great weekend,
Daria <3

5:45 PM  
Blogger sweet_rus said...

thank you, Daria!
I will add Eres ads soon, I had a problem yesterday and couldn't add any pic here.
Have a nice weekend sweety!

2:45 AM  

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