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Saturday, March 17, 2007

New site!

Yeah we did it! We opened the new fan-site for Eugenia Volodina on 10.03.07, all Volodinians should mark this event in their calendars! After 2 months of work we decided we are ready to show what we've been doing for all that time! And it seems our project can be called successful, we got quite many very nice thankful comments from Zhenya's fans and not only from them and we are very happy about that fact, we thank everyone who visits pur site /and add comments. So here is the link! Visit it and let us know about your impression.
thank you

Saturday, March 10, 2007

News on site

My last entry was more than 2 months ago. Many things has happened since then. We got much more stuff with Eugenia but the most exciting thing for me is that we finally finished with the site which we are going to open tommorow, on March, 11, 2007. It's not fully complete but we are going to add many new things and improve the site as often as we can. I want to thank Nastya (lakomka) who did a huge job, I woudn't be able to do anything without her, and big thanx to Perfect_Tonight who made some very nice avis and to everyone else for providing all the pictures, info, videos, etc and I hope you will enjoy what we tried to make based on our skills as well as we could.
The forum for Eugenia is opened for about a month and I hope it will keep growing. Visit it.