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Thursday, December 14, 2006

New stuff

Ok. Here is the newest pic with Eugenia from some unknown editorial. It was found by via_gra quite a long time ago and only yesterday it was posted on BZ. Personally I think it's a bit weird pic because Eugenia doesn't look like herself but it's beautiful of course. I love her eyes in it, they are so mesmeriaing, and stand out more than usual because if these very dark eyebrows and smoky make-up, and I also like the look of them, it's not an empty look of just a very beautiful girl, it's very thoughtful look and you can feel emotions that she shows in this shot. And what is interesting is that this pic really hypnotizes you, you want to look and look at her face and eyes and can't take your eyes off her. It even scares a bit.


Blogger anibalenci said...

nice pic!!. I see with some sadness that this nice blog has been abandoned. I hope that can be activated again, very soon.

12:41 PM  

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